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Box for Legal

Way more productivity, way less risk

From finalizing M&A transactions to executing contracts, Legal teams are key players in enabling business growth and success. But most technology solutions don't make it easy for attorneys and staff to manage complicated and highly-sensitive, content-based legal workflows. With Cloud Content Management from Box, you get a single content platform to manage legal processes, drive efficiency and comply with the strictest privacy and compliance standards so you can grow your business, while mitigating risk.

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less time spent on each M&A cycle


less time needed to execute a contract

4 hours

of productivity gains per contract

Streamline transactions with Cloud Content Management

Take valuable time back

Spend less time searching for pleadings and case files and more time working with stakeholders and finalizing transactions.

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Accelerate legal processes

Speed up how work gets done by simplifying workflows around contract management, patent reviews and more. 

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Secure M&A processes 

Finalize M&A transactions faster and protect your valuable information by conducting secure M&A in a virtual data room that's easy to set up.

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One content platform to simplify Legal

Case file management
Case file management

Retain and share sensitive content including agreements, IP filings and claims, and audio and video recordings with internal stakeholders and outside counsel.

Privacy management
Privacy management

Simplify the process for categorizing metadata, fulfilling data subject access requests, right of portability and personal information deletion requests.

Contract lifecycle management
Contract lifecycle management

Simplify and automate workflows to create, review, share, approve and retain contracts with customers, partners and vendors, while ensuring all files are secured.

Security and compliance

Meet due diligence and fiduciary duties while avoiding heavy fines by ensuring you process, store, retain and dispose of protected content in compliance with the GDPR, FISA, SOX, PCI and more.

Data classification
eDiscovery and legal holds

Streamline data classification, apply retention or deletion policies and add legal holds to meet eDiscovery obligations, prevent spoliation and avoid fines.


"Usable, highly secure and manageable. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect solution for governance."

Robert L. Flores, Vice President of Information Technology Services, Coalfire


Key capabilities

Streamline processes with automations

Automate processes such as contract management.

Extract insights from your content

Intelligently apply metadata to contracts and more with Box Skills.

Manage legal holds

Ensure that content relevant to litigation can be searched, audited and held indefinitely, and also integrated into your eDiscovery system.

Leverage seamless integrations

Establish a single source of truth by integrating with apps like Salesforce, Google, and Slack.

Audit across the company

View comprehensive audit reports to see who created, edited, downloaded or viewed a file.

Collaborate internally and externally

Edit in real time and provide in-file comments with other departments or external legal counsel.

Control content access

Ensure sensitive files are protected and retained in a way that's compliant with regulations like GDPR.

Work anywhere, anytime

Support a remote workforce with on-the-go access to critical legal files on any device.


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Reducing risk and cutting costs at North Highland
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Satisfy international data residency requirements
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Comply with regulations by leveraging Box Governance
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Box Skills
Leverage metadata and AI with Box Skills
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Build custom workflows with Box Automations
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Streamline contract management with Box Sign
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