Box Governance

Content lifecycle management to 
reduce enterprise risk

governance and compliance

Leading organizations mitigate risk with Box Governance

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Transform your information governance strategy

Get the content lifecycle management your organization needs to reduce risk and stay compliant, all while keeping productivity high. We make it easy to streamline information governance with flexible retention schedules, preservation for defensible discovery, and disposition management.

Proactively manage document retention schedules

Seamlessly customize retention policies to fit your specific needs and maintain compliance — from HIPAA and FINRA to GDPR and CCPA. Event-based retention automatically applies retention policies based on business events, like an employee’s departure or the end of a contract term. And retention schedules mitigate enterprise risk and evolve flexibly with your business, rather than creating friction.

Conduct defensible discovery

From trademark issues to patent infringement, legal risk is a serious concern for every company. But with the right systems to effectively preserve relevant content, you prevent costly (and time-consuming) litigation. Legal holds ensure that content relevant to litigation can be found based on a user and is held indefinitely in Box, as well as integrated into your eDiscovery system or process.

Effectively dispose of your content

Box Governance gives you the flexibility to remove unnecessary data without compromising retention. Advanced trash controls reduce enterprise risk by providing the right balance between automatically purging content and delegating or restricting permanent trash deletion to authorized users. Plus, it empowers users to restore content in the event of accidental deletion. 

Integrate with leading eDiscovery tools


Box Governance works with the best-of-breed eDiscovery tools you already have in place to proactively preserve, analyze, collect, and review data. Partnering with industry-leading eDiscovery solutions enables you to maximize your investment, reduce the risk of data spoliation, and conduct data-driven discovery in the face of litigation.


Key features

Retention policies

Set retention policies with a disposition action at a global, folder, or file (via metadata) level across your content.

Legal holds

Preserve content for litigation by placing users or folders on legal hold that can be for a set period of time, or continuous until the legal matter ends.

Advanced trash controls

Allow admins and/or co-admins to permanently delete trash, or delegate permanent trash deletion to specific people.

Event-based retention

Automatically apply retention policies based on business event trigger dates to connect retention policies to departmental business processes.

Modifiable retention

Modify an existing retention policy by adding new folders to onboard business units in phases.

Unlimited file versions

Maintain an unlimited number of versions for all files, enabling the ability to preserve and restore all previous versions.

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