Box for Media & Entertainment

Digitize workflows and protect your intellectual property

The digital revolution is happening behind the scenes

Digital disruption is old news to media and entertainment. The real action today is behind the scenes. The industry needs intuitive tools that streamline production and digitize manual workflows and day-to-day operations — while providing unprecedented visibility and safeguarding IP every step of the way. That’s where Cloud Content Management comes in. With Box, you get a single place to easily collaborate, manage and secure all of your content and business processes. From inception to the acceptance speech, Box works the way you do and seamlessly integrates with the apps you already know and love, so you can create, edit and deliver your next blockbuster without technology getting in the way.

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From inception to launch, keep your assets secure

Box is intuitive and integrates with how you work every day. Streamline day-to-day operations. Make contract management Seamless. Standardize digital asset management. From digital onboarding of talent and crew to creating a marketing campaign and managing external agencies, Box is a single secure platform for your business to work as one.

The company behind MasterChef collaborates globally on world class content

Secure content launch

With real-time collaboration in one centralized place, and streamlined coordination with outside partners, launching content is seamless.

Transform Digital Asset Management

Use Box as your secure production office, allowing dynamic creative collaboration while securely housing your proprietary content.

Speed up talent onboarding

Seamlessly onboard talent and crew, securely bring on vendors and train employees while managing all the necessary talent agreements, contracts, production logistics and non-disclosures.

Digitize back office workflows

Modernize processes for managing contracts, consolidating records, going paperless and automating complex workflows — and ditch expensive legacy systems and processes.

Build customized portals

Create custom platforms for employees, crews, vendors, freelancers and clients — where legal paperwork, creative assets and more can be securely accessed and managed.

Coordinate marketing campaigns

Centralize talent and campaign assets, posters and trailers. Review, approve and deliver final versions to key stakeholders, partners and fans from any device.

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