Box for Life Sciences

Accelerate innovation and processes

Your regulated and unregulated content in the cloud

With Box, life sciences professionals can transform the way they collaborate and work across their entire ecosystem, all while maintaining GxP compliance and adherence to other key industry standards.

Leverage the cloud to improve every aspect of your global operations

Enable secure collaboration

Enable secure, mobile collaboration across the Life Sciences ecosystem without the complexity of on premise solutions

Modernize sales enablement

Enable sales teams with latest approved promotional materials on their mobile devices while maintaining audit trails for authoring and distribution of controlled content

Deploy patient services portals

Engage with patients to deliver accurate information on disease state, educational materials and tools for adherence compliance in a HIPAA compliant manner

Streamline global product launch

Speed up global product launches with support for activities such as marketing and education material distribution, agency collaboration and co-ordination with partners for logistics and distribution planning

Accelerate research activity

Consolidate sensitive research data from internal and external sources for organization and scientific analysis 

Improve sales and marketing efficiency

Use Box as to distribute approved marketing materials in real-time, from any device, making sure Sales teams can access and share content with Health Care Providers (HCPs), Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and patients.

Leverage secure deal rooms for M&A

Create secure virtual deal rooms for legal activities, divesting, cross-licensing, joint development and patent approvals while protecting user privacy and term sheets with comprehensive security permissions.

Accelerate GxP validation

Box GxP Validation enables faster validation by exposing always-on testing of core Box functionality, allowing organizations to save on validation costs, retire big validation projects and decommission legacy systems.

Box success story: AstraZeneca has productivity down to a science

Deep partnerships and integrations for your specific needs

Box's industry leading Cloud Content Management capabilities improve collaboration and processes across the extended enterprise through domain-specific solutions for clinical research and developmentmanufacturing quality and sales enablement while using Box as the underlying content repository.

Discover how to make the cloud work for life sciences