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Build custom applications

Box Platform enables you to build custom applications in the cloud without having to build and maintain your own content management services so you're able to focus on what you do best - creating experiences that people love. From building intelligent business processes to creating new and engaging digital experiences - you and your team can unlock new business value and differentiate from competitors using the same technology that powers Box, including file viewing, security, collaboration, and much more.


Use Box Platform to integrate your apps or services with Box and customize Box for your own team.

back office applications
Back office applications

Improve existing business processes by building custom applications and workflows to minimize redundancy and time consuming tasks.

customer applications
Customer and employee applications

Differentiate your business and deliver new business value by creating engaging digital experiences for your customers and employees.

Build secure and engaging content experiences with Box Platform

Build rich user experiences

Create rich and engaging user experiences with content in your apps for uploading and sharing files, viewing files, searching through content, and collaborating with other users with comments.

Organize and manage content

Keeping your content organized can be complex, especially if you're working with sensitive information. With Box Platform, businesses will have the ability to define policies, add metadata to files and folders, and ensure that their content meets regulatory compliance obligations with retention policies and legal holds.

Take complete control

Control the level of access you want to provide each user by leveraging an advanced permission model to define exactly what each user can do, group users based on similar attributes, and monitor file and folder activity in your app with advanced event reporting for dozens of different types of activity.

Tools to help you get started

Design, develop, and deploy new applications faster with a suite of developer tools and resources to help you build. Box Platform provides extensive and interactive API documentation, SDKs in major development languages, pre-designed UI Elements, and much more.

Customizable content experiences for any business, any size

From industry verticals to specific applications and processes, Box Platform helps you create magical moments for both you and your users. Whether you're building a customer portal, a document vault, a file migration tool, or any other content related experience - the Box Platform will help you create new business opportunities and connect you to the right team to help you get started.

Built for developers

We believe that digital transformation begins with content, but the basic foundation in itself is built on code. Box provides easy to use APIs and SDKs that remove the complexities of securely managing and creating great user experiences with content in your apps. Today, more than 100,000 developers are building with Box.

You're in good company

Leading businesses are already using Box Platform to create amazing apps that deliver new experiences to their customers.

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Built for Developers

Box also offers an open development platform, with APIs and SDKs, known as Box Platform, that developers can use for a variety of purposes.

Deliver new content experiences