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Our IBM strategic partnership has helped hundreds of businesses transform their work in the cloud. The partnership is built around the integration of IBM technology like Cloud Pak for Data,  Watson AIOps and InstaScan, giving you a single place to manage, govern and collaborate on your content, across all your apps, enabling the modern workplace from anywhere.

IDC MarketScape is in, and both Box and IBM are Leaders

Today, more and more companies are seeing the power of the cloud to accelerate and transform their business. And with the realization that the old way of doing things no longer works, we’ve reached a tipping point. Cloud-based tools have brought agility, scalability, and innovation that are not only changing content-driven processes; they’re fundamentally changing the entire business landscape.

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Since our strategic partnership with IBM started in 2015, we've transformed hundreds of clients together and delivered many joint solutions and integrations.  Read the latest partnership announcements including those made at BoxWorks.

Empowering Secure, Remote Work in a Digital First World

Box Shield and IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog InstaScan

Box Shield and IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog InstaScan provide a comprehensive data privacy solution for unstructured data. This combined solution helps organizations quickly assess the risk within their content footprint, prioritize and perform data remediation, and reduce the time for compliance data collection, all in a secure environment.

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The current business landscape brings lots of challenges: working with people outside your business and across the globe, extracting valuable insights from your content, and understanding how AI fits into it all. In this episode of thinkPod, you'll hear from Michael McCabe, Vice President of WW IBM Go to Market at Box, and Amanda Thurston, IBM Watson. They'll discuss how organizations use collaboration tools to drive insights and outcomes. Plus, you'll hear about the evolution of content and the future of AI in managing unstructured data.


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