Diversity and inclusion at Box

Cultivating an environment where Boxers feel they belong

A place where people come first

Our company is built on people: We call them Boxers. They come from a range of backgrounds and experiences, and each of them has a unique story to tell. Our goal is to fully leverage and engage the individual talents and capabilities of our diverse teams, ultimately creating an inclusive environment where Boxers feel they belong. Our company values and D&I initiatives are intentionally designed to lift up each and every member of the Box team.

How we drive D&I


We source top talent through thoughtful outreach and proactive relationship building. We attract great candidates by showcasing the Box community and culture. And we take pride that our interviewing and selection processes are consistent and fair.


We're creating a space where everyone lives by our value of "Bring your _____ self to work." Company-wide education helps identify and remove potential unconscious blindspots, and we focus on nurturing healthy, diverse communities where people can be their authentic selves.


Everyone deserves an incredible career experience, and we're dedicated to giving Boxers the resources and opportunities to do their best work. We reinforce equitable and consistent growth by supporting and monitoring our career development and progression processes.

A closer look at our initiatives

Hire exceptional talent

We take pride in celebrating our differences, and we hire the best talent from all backgrounds. We want to build teams that are as diverse as our customers and the world we live in, with a broad representation of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, backgrounds, and perspectives — among many other dimensions of diversity. To do that, our Recruiting team is focused on driving a variety of hiring strategies that ensure we have an inclusive, high-quality and qualified pipeline to meet the needs of our business.

Create a sense of belonging

At Box, Community is both a mindset and a set of actions that shape how Boxers experience our culture. It brings meaning to our work and has a lasting impact on our employees and customers. And we care deeply about how we show up for our internal and external communities. One example is our Boxer-led Employee Resource Communities and Employee Interest Communities: they create opportunities for connection, awareness, and fun. With our recent temporary shift to completely remote work, we've also launched Community Corner, a weekly series of global events that drive virtual community engagement and learning.

Enable everyone to thrive

We want Boxers to have thriving careers where they grow and develop in meaningful ways. There's no one-size-fits-all career path at Box — so we want to make sure that every Boxer has the tools and support from their leaders to be in the driver's seat of their career. We do this by giving all Boxers access to learning and development opportunities. Plus, we equip our managers to develop teams and be mindful of potential unconscious blindspots that may get in the way.

What Community means to our Boxers


"We build healthy, thriving communities inside and out that allow Boxers to maximize their impact, everywhere. From our tri-annual LearnFest where Boxers can take classes throughout the year to our annual Hackathon to our ongoing community events throughout the year, we make Community happen!"

What Community means to our Boxers


"Not only does Community break up the day, but it’s an opportunity to be playful and to move and to have fun, something that’s super important right now. Box Community Corner activities have helped me feel so much closer to my fellow Boxers, even from afar.”

What Community means to our Boxers


"Box is a values-driven company with a tremendously special culture. As a Latinx employee, I feel fortunate to be working at a company that celebrates and encourages Latinx Boxers like myself to speak Spanish, bring their families to work, attend and participate in our Latinx ERG, and be their authentic selves in the workplace."

What Community means to our Boxers


"I am truly grateful for the community and culture here; this environment allows me to learn and grow, and overall continues to foster my development as an engineer and Community leader."

Employee Resource Communities bring us together

Our Employee Resource Communities (ERCs) are employee-led affinity groups that support a culture of belonging and elevate the needs and experiences of underrepresented communities. Available both remotely and across office locations, ERCs bring Box culture and values to each region while remaining inclusive of Boxers worldwide. All Boxers are welcome and encouraged to engage in ERC programming and events.

asia pacific islanders
Asian Pacific Islanders

A community for Boxers of Asian and Pacific Islander descent and allies, focused on community, advocacy, philanthropy, and personal and professional development.

Black Excellence Network
Black Excellence Network

A community for Black professionals and allies to connect, thrive, and support one another at Box and beyond.

Box Vets

A community that connects service members and allies to recognize internal veteran talent and raise Box awareness among the external veteran community.

box women's network
Box Women's Network

A community of support to connect, educate, inspire, and advocate for women at Box.

families at box
Families at Box

A community that supports Boxers and their children, partners, parents, and more.


A community that supports Latinx Boxers and allies through building an environment that attracts, develops, and retains talent at Box.


An EMEA-based community that provides support and builds awareness that facilitates and celebrates our multicultural offices and landscape.


A community of support for LGBTQIA+ Boxers and allies that leverages the power and drive of Boxers to build a better community for all.

Women in tech
Women in Tech

A community for women in engineering, product, or technical positions and a partner ERC to Box Women's Network.

young professional network
Young Professionals Network

A community that supports young professionals through a variety of developmental and mentorship opportunities.

We're committed to building a diverse workforce

We recognize we have a long way to go, and we’re dedicated to getting there.

diversity and inclusion

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