Eurostar gets people places faster with content managed in the cloud

Eurostar’s high-speed railway service operates 50 to 60 routes a day between London, Paris and Brussels, transporting about 10 million passengers annually. Speed is a definite priority for Eurostar — and not just when it comes to trains. The company’s workflow processes and content management have to keep up, too. 


CIO Antoine De Kerviler knew that Eurostar’s enterprise-grade cloud content management tools weren’t cutting it. They were difficult to use, and employees were having trouble accessing information, especially away from their desks. For a transportation team, the ability to communicate effectively — whether in the office, at a depot, on a train, in a station, on a platform or at home — is imperative.


"We have an objective, which is to build a delightful, easy system."

— Antoine De Kerviler, CIO, Eurostar


“Implementing Box addressed these questions,” says Kerviler. “It’s much easier to use, accessible from anywhere and easy to find and add content.” By giving Eurostar’s 1,700 employees access to Box, Kerviler has enabled all of Eurostar’s team members to share documentation in a much more efficient and faster way, whether they're in the office or anywhere. 


Box has also remedied version-control issues for Eurostar's teams. They no longer start meetings checking to make sure everyone has the latest version of each document, because that version is always up-to-date in Box. And at the same time, if they need to go back and look at an earlier version, version control history makes that simple. 


“People have been really happy. They find it a modern, fast, easy solution. People feel empowered to do their work.” 

— Antoine De Kerviler, CIO, Eurostar


Heightened access plus deeper security


Box has become critical to Eurostar’s business. It’s where the company keeps all technical documentation, driver instructions and other sensitive documents. Kerviler is confident about keeping confidential materials on Box: “I’d say the single best thing about using Box is the fact that we trust the system. It’s proven very reliable. Box allows me to concentrate on things that create value for our customers.” 


And, Kerviler dreams big. He’s already using Okta for authentication into Box, and planning to integrate the company’s cloud content management with Salesforce, too.


Eurostar is known for fast transport, and Box is known for bringing people and information together. As team, they’re really getting people places.